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Website Updated: 05/22/23

JC Aviary

Austin, TX

☎️ ​Call: 512-956-0937 (No Texting) 


Customer Testimonials

Andrew Givens


"JC Aviary is the only place I would consider getting a bird. My black lorie came fully flighted, harness trained, and very sweet and affectionate. Which means that she was given a lot of love and attention. JC clearly knows what he is doing. He answered every question I had and even helped me check if the food Coran (pronounced Corinne) ate was gluten free as my wife has celiac disease so we can't have a y gluten in the house. Thankfully the food she was already easy was gluten free. In the future if i get another bird, which I will likely do, I will most certainly get it. From JC aviary!"

Nathalie Tinajero


"I was hesitant at first w getting a bird shipped from out of state since there are more scammers than legit breeders out there. After tons of research, I decided to get my bird from JC Aviary.

My baby bh pionus was shipped from Tx to Ca about 4 weeks ago. When we got her I could instantly see how well she was cared for. She was in amazing health, vet cleared and disease-tested paperwork, training stand, clicker, harness, and tons of extra goodies in the shipping crate. She was easily stepping up and was very socialized since day one. Harness trained and eating very well. She loves everyone in the family. You can tell that her being this sweet came from the care and love put into her from trainers at JC Aviary. You pay a premium price w this breeder but it is absolutely worth it. You get what you pay for and if you plan to make an addition to your home that will live for decades this is the place to go.

Our baby Raya he has learned to kiss, station, recall a distance up to 40ft, lets me hold her foot(working up to letting me file her nails)…..just so much progress in the short time we have had her. I absolutely recommend getting ur bird from JC. If you have any questions or concerns he is always available even after you get ur new baby home."

Nicky Issa


"Absolutely fantastic bird from a knowledgeable and caring breeder. Everyone has fallen in love with our new girl. So sweet and well-mannered."

Carmen Walker 


"Great experience from the start! They answered all my questions before, during, and after getting this Indian Ringneck from them. He steps up perfectly, takes treats out of my hand, and is just doing great! Would buy another bird from them for sure!"

Kristina Belcourt


"Adopting a bird into our family was a huge deal. We had waited years knowing the right time would come along. Once we came across JC Aviary we knew this was the place to find our new family member. They truly love all of their birds, after one conversation with JC, I could tell. If your looking for a new family member this is truly the place ."

Eric W


"This is our first time working with JC Aviary. Our experience was amazing, with all of our questions answered and videos sent to us before our newest addition came to us. This was also the first time going through a breeder. They also made sure we had everything ready before she came so we could spend as much time her as possible. We decided on a Catalina Macaw and she is absolutely amazing. She is so sweet and already harness-trained. Even after getting her, JC made follow-up phone calls to make sure everything and everyone where settling in. I recommend JC Aviary if you are looking for a life long flying companion."

Heather Murray


"I wanted an Indian Ringneck so badly & somehow came across JC Aviary!!! JC Aviary has been amazing to work with, especially with my anxiety-prone self during the delivery process, where our sweet bird was flown to Charlotte, NC. Cannot recommend JC Aviary enough!!! Pics don’t even do this sweet girl justice….My bird is healthy, sweet, and calm and you can tell they love & raise them with such great care & attention!!! Will definitely do business with them again!!! We’ve only had her 5 days & are already so in love with our girl so much & can’t say thank you enough!!!"

Tosha Montoya


"I can not recommend JC Aviary enough! JC was so patient and kind in helping me choose a bird that was the color I wanted with the personality that was best suited for me! Our new bird arrived safely in his wonderfully constructed carrier with so many toys, food and treats. I love that a list of his favorite foods was included! He is calm, curious, and beautiful! The care and training that has been given to this amazing little guy really shows! I am so happy with my experience, if you’re looking to add a bird to your family this is the place to find it! We love our new little family member so much already and look forward to many great years with him! Thank you so much JC Aviary! "

Whitney Webb


"Working with JC was great, and my birds were shipped to us safe and sound. The crates they came in were amazing. The only issue we had was that we knew we want a cockatoo that would be a good family bird and a Galah was recommended. Unfortunately, I don’t think she was a great fit. She doesn’t interact with us much and will bite. She will let us pet her head but that's all she will do. I’ve been working with her for the past few months to build a bond and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. She prefers to be more of a loaner. Our sun conure, on the other hand, is a total velcro bird, loves to cuddle, plays makes goofy little sounds, etc. He is a very laid-back little bird. I also invested in having our Galah harness trained and I personally don’t feel like that was worth it. When she arrived, we weren’t told about having to put it on her every day but with a bird making us bleed, it’s been impossible to do that.."

Krista Nicole


"Purchasing my beautiful Indian Ringneck was a wonderful experience! JC was very knowledgeable about his birds and so passionate. The bird was hand fed and already knew how to step up so it’s been a breeze transitioning him to his new home. He also came with a lot of medical information. I would highly recommend buying any bird from them."

Jessica Kern Hernandez


"JC Aviary is amazing!

Joe really cares about his birds, he answers any questions you may have and walks you through everything.

We added a second Caique to our family and we couldn’t have picked a better place to get one!

She is so sweet, adventurous, and beautiful.

I cannot thank you enough Joe if we ever get another bird we will definitely be coming back to you!"

Kathy Weaver-Lewis


"JC is a very nice, honest person and the birds I got from him are Gorgeous, Trained to Step Up, Sweet, and in Great Condition. All paperwork came with the birds. I’m very pleased. I highly recommend buying from him."

Abby Lynn Callahan Sutton


"JC Aviary is the perfect place to get your new parrot friend! JC is extremely knowledgeable and spends a lot of time with his birds making for terrifically healthy, certified disease-free, well-adjusted, friendly babies. We recently received our new baby Blue Head Pionus and I can’t imagine a more wonderful baby. JC is so careful with his shipping that our baby hardly noticed it at all; a beautifully constructed travel crate and knowledgeable, caring airline staff made for a great experience for all of us. Much better than a long car ride! JC is supportive of your parrot journey every step of the way sharing lots of knowledge and information. Memory, my baby BH Pionus, is already stepping up, doing well with target training and has even begun flight training to me over short distances! He’s talking and blowing kisses and is learning to mimic wild bird songs that my son is teaching him. And that’s just after 3 days in his new home! He’s just the best bird and JC Aviary is definitely the best breeder!"

Sallie Wood


"They pretty much held my hand thru my whole bird-buying process. When my bird Kevin arrived, he was promised everything and more. Extremely well adjusted, especially to be a just-weaned baby. Very healthy, very friendly, and very loving. I would def recommend them to anyone looking to buy a parrot."

Kimberly Baker Eubanks


"I purchased a Timney African Grey from JC Aviary. JC was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. My baby arrived lovingly and was already trained in basic commands. Our experience was stellar. My only regret is that I did not discover JC Aviary sooner as I would have purchased all my birds from him."

Paige Drews


"When I started my journey to find a bird I came across JC Aviary. From the moment I spoke with them it was fantastic. He took his time listening to what was important for me, and helped me pick out the right friend for our family.

Even after the sale he’s been encouraging, helpful, and prompt with guidance. She came home as promised, gentle, curious, and well-adjusted.

If you’re looking for a companion check them out, it’s not a small step, and JC aviary will handhold you through the entire process.

Thank you!"

Ashley Bednarek


"First I want to start by saying Joe was amazing to our family in helping us welcome Echo our double yellow headed amazon! he was authentic and genuine we all know how many scammers are out there and Joe constantly proved and assured us he was the real deal with zoom and video calls and frequent phone conversations we even got to meet our little guy via zoom call!

Joe personally handles and trains all of the birds. They receive human touch from the minute they hatch which is super important and amazing when it comes to transitioning to the birds new home and family.

When Echo was ready to be shipped to us Joe executed a thorough operation with Delta Airlines and myself with constant communication and updates on Echo and how he was doing during his travel from Texas to NY. The Haven that Echo was shipped in was well built and very sturdy this gave Echo the most comfortable and safe travel accommodations with plenty food and water.The crate had several windows so I could see and communicate with Echo the entire way home.

Once we made the travel by car home from the airport. We began to unbox Echo...his disposition and temperment was so calm and friendly. He went right to me and allowed me to immediately give him kisses on his head. He then continued to meet the rest of his family members even saying "step up!" as we held him!

The entire experience which began well over a year ago has been nothing short of wonderful. Joe was aways available for any questions we had and made this transition extremely easy and pleasant!! Would HIGHLY recommend!!!"

Joei Buenconsejo


"What an absolutely incredible experience. We bought our double yellow head Amazon from JC yesterday. From the very first phone call our experience was phenomenal. JC Is wonderful about keeping you in the loop, answering any and all questions, explaining everything and so kind. The moment we walked in our bird came to us immediately. So tame, affectionate and loving. At only four months old he already knew to step up, give kisses and harness trained. I’ve owned several birds, but my experience with JC has been the best by far. Thank you JC Aviary."

Carina A. Madrid


"I'm very happy and satisfied with my Aria 😁 I am extremely happy that I get to experience my whole life with her and watch her grow to be a bird I train her to be🙂. This family owned buisness is very professional at what they do. I was a little worried since she was coming in from Texas but I was more than please on how safe the shipping crates are! I will definitely be referring JC Aviary to anyone who wants to pursue owning a bird "

Pablo Garcia


"I love this place. It made my dream come true with the amazing work of JC I am so happy with my two beautiful Galah babies. They have been amazing and they are healthy and happy."

Ellen Witharm


"My life has been transformed by the addition of my new Blue-Headed Pionus baby, Cleo! From our first conversation, Joe was supportive, kind and attentive. When I watched his TikTok videos vs. other breeders before purchasing, I could see the difference in the amount of love and respect he gives his babies.

That care and expertise is what made me feel confident enough to get past my initial hesitancy about buying a parrot online, and having her shipped across the country from Austin TX, to me in the Bay Area, CA!

She arrived three weeks ago in a sturdy wooden crate and was a safe as could be, surrounded by padding, shredded paper, and carefully selected fresh and pelleted food for her voyage home. From the beginning, she knew how to step up which helped a lot.

Joe has continued to support and encourage me when I call with updates or questions, and that service and attention has been really helpful. I am disabled, and didn't think I could take care of another being as I struggle to care for myself. Joe encouraged me and now I am even making progress with my own health since getting Cleo!

She gives me so much joy, and is already flying back to her perch from across the room on cue. Cleo has brought so much renewed vigor and happiness to my life, I'm so grateful to Joe and his expert, professional, yet loving care.

You could not ever find a more competent and caring breeder than Joe at JC Aviary. He truly loves his work and cares about these precious living beings. He makes sure you are ready to receive his baby into your home safely as well.

Cleo also checked out just fine with the vet on her first visit a few days after her arrival. I truly believe you will not regret your decision to purchase a baby parrot from Joe at JC Aviary, that's for sure!

Ellen Witharm"

Gloria G. Pincus


"Great experience overall! Have had our Indian Ringneck for a week now. We waited about a month and a half for him! He allows us all to handle him. He was well trained when he arrived to us. Great communication, and great shipping process!!"

Rebecca Johns


"Yes I would recommend JC Aviary!

I adopted from JC Aviary locally! Since their location is based near Austin it was a manageable drive from San Antonio. I've adopted 3 baby budgies from them. Our first, Miku, was our first bird ever! She is the sweetest girl. It was clear that she was regularly handled because she was great with people and already knew to step up! JC Aviary was very responsive from my first inquiry to questions I had after getting Miku (as a first-time bird owner).

After a few months, we were ready to get Miku a friend and decided to get another when he had more babies available. To our surprise, he had another clutch out that week! We decided it was fate and added another wonderful bird to our flock. Unfortunately, Yue, our new baby, passed suddenly. It was a really difficult time for us because she was already so well-loved. JC Aviary was so kind during this time. They also followed up on their health guarantee which brought us our third bird, Sokka. Although we were still grieving when we received Sokka he was so wonderful. A bit shy but, as with all the birds we received, had been clearly handled regularly.

I would absolutely recommend JC Aviary. While I did local adoption I'm confident that their shipping would be safe and reliable based on their knowledge and professionalism during my interaction with them.

Thank you JC Aviary for my wonderful birds and for helping me through losing little Yue."

Paloma Quintanill


"I had a wonderful experience with JC Aviary! They were knowledgeable and friendly. I got my dream companion from them, an African grey parrot. After having my bird for just one day I could see the care and attention that went into raising him. He is the sweetest and friendliest parrot I have ever encountered. I love that JC aviary was able to harness-train my bird. It has made a big difference in my ability to spend quality time with my bird wherever I am."

Kuuipo Liborio


"GOSH!! if I could I'd give JC 6 out of 5 stars! first of all, he was able to help me pick out 3 sweet beautiful baby green cheek conures. He was also so quick to answer all calls and text messages I sent and answered all of my questions! the babies themselves already knew how to step up and they were very healthy and happy from the moment I received them 🥰 Honestly, as a lot of you bird lovers out there know, reputable breeders are few and far between and it was such a blessing to have stumbled across his shop while on my search for conures because JC puts a ton of work and dedication into what he does and it shows so much through the birds he raises! When the time comes for me to buy another, he will be the first and only place I go to! if you want to get a lovely companion, JC Aviary is the way to go!"

Mary E. Inman


"I have had a very good experience with JC Aviary. I recently purchased 3 birds, two of which were a last-minute decision. We went to Austin to pick up my baby Violet Buttercup Male IRN ( Ricky)and I made a quick call to JC about a sun conure, he had this beautiful baby (Milly) for me to surprise my grandson with! We love them both so much. Then found out Milly had a sister missing her, when I inquired about another Sun Conure, JC sent me photos and videos. We of course had her shipped out the very same week! She arrived in excellent condition! These sun conures are goofballs and our IRN loves his mate Lucy, I think he’s gonna be a jabber jaw lol.

Overall I don’t think I can give a high enough rating for JC Aviary, the birds are all sweet and healthy. In addition, the communication was great and the overall purchasing experience exceptional."

​Megan Keys - Ramos


"I did a lot of research to find a Blue and Gold Macaw- you want to make sure you are helping to support a responsible breeder and pick someone who really cares about the birds. I was so taken by how kind and bird-loving this family-owned business was. He spent a lot of time answering our questions- let us visit several times before we could pick up our new addition and even has checked in several times since bringing our baby BG home. We are already planning our second addition from them. I am so grateful we found you!"

Kaechele Denis


Jc has been absolutely amazing to work with. I received 6 amazing social and well-adjusted babies. JC updated me on them along the way and is always available with questions or concerns. This aviary truly cares for there birds and absolutely spoil every single baby. I can't recommend jc aviary more !

happy to of been inrusted by JC with

BG macaw

Halriquen macaw

ecletus male/female

turquoise greencheeck conure

high yellow greencheek conure

1000%happy and can't wait to work with them again !

Vivien Geneser


"Birds make great pets! If you are looking for a knowledgeable breeder, try JC Aviary. I had a good experience with them and definitely recommend this resource for bird lovers."

Nicole Anita 


"We are so grateful for JC aviary! They have made bringing baby Reginald “Reggie” into our home memorable and special. JC talked me through the whole process; flight details/airport arrival instructions, and ensured that our precious cargo would arrive safely and comfortably. Reggie’s transport carrier was filled with nutritious food prepared with care; there was soft bedding, and favorite toys. The carrier was very well ventilated and secure. The fact that Reggie is such a sweet, calm, happy birdie is a direct reflection of the environment upon which he was hatched and raised 🙏❤️ it is obvious to us, how JC understands and cherishes the lives of all of their birds as being a true gift. They are extremely supportive and available for any questions/concerns we had regarding Reggie’s care after we brought him home 🙏We are so excited to have found them, and look forward to adding to our family again in the future!"

Jason Pruitt


"We recently purchased a female Blue Head Pionus from JC. She came very tame and well behaved. She also came trained for o step up and we'll and harness trained. We are already making big strides with her and you can tell JC puts tons of time and effort into his birds. Top-notch breeder and person."

LaShanna Roe


"Hard to find a good breeder, but, JC Aviary is above and beyond. Meets all your expectations! If you are purchasing a parrot, this is the guy you'll want to purchase from. Beautiful birds and raised well. I absolutely love my violet ringneck! He's so sweet and tame."

Emma Bissonnette


"Everyone should buy a bird from JC Aviary! I could not be happier with Gigi. She is healthy, charming, snuggly, hilarious, and totally fearless. She is an excellent company, and snuggles equally with my boyfriend and me! Gigi is a huge hit at parties and on conference calls. Even the chief execs know her!

Gigi arrived at the airport in a lovely box full of soft bedding and fresh food! It took her two days to fly to me, and we have been inseparable since. She eats every fruit and vegetable we offer. We started making homemade toys from cork, cardboard, and old puzzle pieces — she loves it! Gigi is literally the perfect bird.

Thank you, Joe! I can’t imagine life without her snuggles."

Jason Golden


"When we saw JC Aviary‘s online post, featuring a stunning suncheek conure, we knew something good was about to happen! From our initial inquiry to regular check-ins regarding our bird’s weaning progress to the day we met our bird, every step was pleasant and joyful. To be specific, it’s not only the bird which has made us feel good, but also our experience with JC Aviary."

Novinha Longstaff


"JC Aviary did such a phenomenal job hand raising my baby macaw to be the healthy and very sociable girl that I can't get enough of. She is everything I'd hoped for and more. You should be able to find a picture of their logo next to the dictionary definition of an ethical breeder. When we're ready to grow our feathered family in the future we will absolutely be coming back to JC Aviary!"

Polina Rusak


"JC Aviary is a trustworthy place to get a bird! They take great care of them and the bird always comes healthy. If my family decides to get another bird we will choose JC Aviary."

Ellie Diringer


"I am head over heels in love with Riley, the baby Galah I adopted from JC. It is extremely clear that this bird was cherished just as much as a baby as he is with me. He is so sweet that even my avian vet was late to start our first check-up because he HAD TO stop and play with this pink ball of fluff. Riley is super duper healthy physically and mentally. This little guy let me give him head scratches on day 2. Day Two. He is social with every person he has met so far (I've had him 25 days and he has met 10+ different people of various ages). JC has taken the time to have multiple long conversations with me before and after the adoption. I seriously cannot thank JC + co enough. Thank you to anyone and everyone who had a hand in raising my sweet baby, Riley... typing this was difficult because Riley has stolen the "w" key on my keyboard! 🤣

Here is a picture taken today in the mountains."

Rachel Quitevis


"JC Aviary is incredible! I was in search of a baby turquoise conure and they were the only aviary in TX who had them. I called to make an appointment in person and specified EXACTLY what kind of little birb I wanted.

It was love at first sight. My conure is the sweetest little anel, and he is obviously very accustomed to being handled. It is also apparent that this birb trusts humans, and has been lovingly cared for since he hatched.

The adoption process was very thorough in regards to care, diet, and behavior training. I received every document I had on my mind. JC was so thorough and friendly, I didn't feel the need to ask any questions, but know he will be there to help me if I need it in the future.

Fun fact! JC is a third-generation avian vet (in training!). He has a long family history with birds, and it shows in his knowledge, patience, and care.

I cannot recommend this aviary enough. All these birds are happy, healthy, and sweet. My heart is still so full. I love my conure!!!"

Jaden Foehl


"Thanks so much again! Joe really does an amazing job! Can’t say it enough I’m super happy with the Scarlet Macaw I just got from him he was super great throughout the process and my boy is just so awesome! He did a super good job tho with the whole introduction of the foods process with my kiddo and also did a great job of desensitizing to the harness. Appreciate you and your family and all you do."

Alisen Taxera


"I cannot say enough great things about JC Aviary. My experience has been phenomenal. JC is professional and very knowledgeable. He listened and helped me to get a perfect baby boy Alexandrine and Ringneck hybrid. My family loves our new baby as well. He clearly cares for his birds and their happiness and health. You will not be disappointed by choosing JC Aviary to find your feathered friend!"

Swiss M. - San Francisco, CA


"The other reviews here reflect our experience with Joe Coman. We're a bit surprised there aren't more reviews for this ethical breeder.

Our TAG of 18 yrs passed away some time ago due to a freak accident and we thought long and hard about getting another parrot. There are fewer reputable places offering parrots these days (and be warned of all the scam sites that have taken their place). We decided we would "replace" our TAG with a CAG as there was no way we could get the same species and be reminded daily of our beloved companion of so many years.

We did extensive research on the web coming across numerous scam sites offering ridiculously low prices and "parrot eggs." Anyone advertising "parrot eggs" online is a scammer, period. Additionally, there are breeders that offer poorly socialized and unhealthy birds...the avian equivalent of puppy mills. STAY AWAY.

A good place to search for reputable breeders are the legitimate online avian forums. If the breeder is mentioned positively there, it's a good indicator their reputable. It's also a good idea to ask about the reputation of the breeder you're considering on those forums. Joe Coman has a positive reputation on the avian forums and this is no accident. We got our adorable CAG from Joe Coman. Raising a baby parrot to weaning properly is really hard work. It's clear a lot of hard work was put into raising the CAG we got from Joe. CAGs in particular are known for being phobic, even at a young age in some cases, if not raised properly. Our CAG from Joe came to us very well adjusted which isn't typical and our avian vet remarked at how healthy she looked when we brought her in for her first checkup.

Parrots are very long-lived and will be with you as companions much longer than dogs. Parrots are not an impulse buy and you need to be able to commit to keeping them properly. When you purchase a parrot you're committing a significant part of your life to them. Poorly raised parrots are the reason so many end up in avian shelters. Start off right and get your parrot from a reputable breeder like Joe Coman! We're certainly pleased that we did and highly recommend JC Aviary if you're serious about getting a companion bird."

Kimberley Kennedy


"We are absolutely amazed at our experience with JC Aviary! You really can see how much they care about their birds and customers. Our new baby bird, Lily, surprised us from the start with how much she wants to be with you and how loving she is. On the first day, we left the cage door open and she chose to come out to us. She just wanted to be with us. She is so gentle and loves to cuddle and have her head scratched. Thank you so much to all those at JC Aviary for all of the time and love you put into your birds. It is obvious by our Lily's loving personality that she has been loved and cared for more than any bird parent could ever hope for!"

Dezirae V. - Torrance, CA


"JC Aviary has been a wonderful experience for my fiancé and I. The staff was very supportive and patient with all of our questions about owning a bird. We received our little sun conure named Jalapeño on April 19th, 2021. He was DNA tested male. He is very sweet, plays really well with his toys, eats consistently throughout the day, social with people, and is overall a well-rounded bird. He is making new milestones every day. We took him to the vet within his first week with us and the vet stated he is one of the best birds they have seen from a breeder: very social, well trained, his body size and weight were in excellent condition. We live in the Los Angeles area and he was shipped through Delta cargo to LAX. Initially, we were very nervous because we have never received a shipped animal but Jalapeño was very calm and comfortable in his crate. He also came with a starter kit with toys and his favorite foods. He has adjusted well to his new cage. We take him out in a smaller outdoor cage and he loves the sun and misting sprays to cool him down. We also decided to get him a new sun conure brother named Habanero from JC Aviary and he will be arriving soon. Thank you so much JC Aviary you have been amazing!." 

Kimberley H. - Phelan, CA


"There are not enough words of appreciation that I can use to describe JC. From day one, he was so friendly and took the time to answer all of my questions, and he never made me feel rushed. His customer service is beyond measure.

As for his birds......oh my goodness. When I originally went on his website and saw the price of his babies I kind of flinched in all honesty. But I read his reviews and heard how happy his customers were with their birds and I also saw that all of his babies are vet checked and tested for avian diseases, so I felt more at ease spending the money. And being that he was so kind and offered great customer service, I also felt better spending the money.

I live in sunny Southern California so I had to have my baby shipped to me from Austin, Texas. The crate that JC ships his babies in are AWESOME! You can tell that he definitely cares about his babies comfort and safety when they are being shipped. They are beautiful and very well made. He sends you the starter kit if you opt for that (I highly suggest you get it) and it's packed very nicely in the crate as well. I couldn't wait to get home to open the crate to meet my baby turquoise green cheek conure for the first time.

When I got home, we eagerly opened up the crate and out pops this little bundle of absolute cuteness!!! We fell in love IMMEDIATELY! Our Tiki is soooooo sweet, so full of energy, so healthy, so beautiful, sooooo tame, and obviously LOVES people. You can tell this baby was well cared for and loved and worked with a ton before he came home to us. JC and his employees and/or family have put so much loving care and time into these babies.

Obviously, I would 100% recommend purchasing a bird from JC. I promise you won't be disappointed. Every part of the transaction from beginning to end was easy, seamless, and just all-around awesome! Yes, his prices are higher but let me reiterate.......HIS BIRDS ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY AND YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!! If I win the lottery, I'm buying many more birds from JC. Lol. Clearly he is very proud of what he produces and he is VERY competent at what he does. He produces extraordinary birds. Thank you, JC. We are so happy with our new baby. Now we are just waiting for our Indian Ringneck from JC to be weaned and we will add another baby to our flock."

Anna Dragon. - Austin, TX


"I can not express how happy we are with JC Aviary! From the very start, the whole experience was amazing. From finding out the babies had hatched to receiving pictures throughout the entire process all the way until the day we picked her up he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Not only is our bird beautiful but she also has the best temperament and is as sweet as can be she loves all 3 of our kids. JC continues to be a great resource for information as we grow to love our new family members. Quick to answer and talk through any questions we have. The love he showed towards our baby when we picked our girl up was great to see. It is evident that he has a passion for the work he does ensure that the new family members are well taken care of and provides the resources necessary to help if any challenges arise. He truly wants the best for his babies and his friendly nature to help ensure success for them and their new families I believe it’s that passion that sets JC aviary above the rest!" 

Kathy W. - Colorado Springs, CO


"We recently adopted a beautiful, healthy & loving African Grey from JC Aviary. The loving care JC gives all of his parrots shows in his parrots. Dory is inquisitive, cuddly & so intelligent! Dory's flight training that he received makes ​him receptive to learning new things.

JC demonstrates his love of parrots & their survival in the world by being a member of AFA (American Federation of Aviculture) AFA's a non-profit that supports the advancement & improvement of breeding practices, husbandry practices, and living conditions for exotic birds, conservation, research and legislative awareness. JC also breeds some rare species that are "threatened" to ensure their surviival." 

William A. - Knox City, TX


"JC Aviary is great. I got a really healthy bird well taken care of, 3 months old, it's sweet and docile, likes to play a lot and be around people. It's harness trained and a beautiful bird, I got a scarlet macaw from them, and I would highly recommend birds from here if you're interested in one they may have."

Alexandra Stephenson. - Kansas City, Missouri


"I cannot say enough great things about JC Aviary! The entire process was extremely stress-free, and always felt that I could get in touch with them regarding updates and questions. We just picked up our baby male Eclectus a few days ago, and the shipping process was so much easier than I had expected. The shipping container was fantastic and the bird starter pack came with SO many supplies and a great tabletop stand. Kiwi is extremely healthy with the sweetest personality. He is still adjusting to being in a new home, but I was shocked at how well he has tolerated so many new things. I have been able to put his harness on (my guy was harness trained), steps up with ease (I highly recommend using clicker training), lets us pet and scratch him/lift his wings, and is not screaming nor biting. As soon as we brought him home he instantly started eating and drinking, which is always a relief. It was very clear to me how much he had been handled during such a critical young age, he loves being snuggled right against us and is not favoring human males vs females at all. He has such an incredible personality, and is so smart! He already within the first couple days is picking up target training with positive reinforcement clicker training, which I find incredible considering he is only a few months old and in a new environment.

Kiwi is now my ESA, and I cannot tell you how much I've already benefited from him emotionally. He will be making such a huge difference in my life, even my health.

He has been such an incredible addition to our family. And we would like to thank Joe at JC Aviary for having such an incredible breeding pair to make our little guy along with all of the great care and training and handling that was done. We absolutely love him, and are already recommending to others to contact JC Aviary if ever interested in any breed of bird 😊"

Kristina B. - Fresno, CA


"The best place to get a feathered friend! Joe was very friendly, efficient with communication, and wonderful through the whole process of us having our beautiful Kora (Kakariki Parrot) shipped to us here in California. I was a bit hesitant on purchasing a bird online and having our baby shipped, but speaking with Joe put my mind at ease. The whole experience was fast and very comfortable. She was shipped safe and sound, and included in the crate was a wonderful array of goodies and supplies. Our Kora is absolutely stunning, happy, and very healthy. We are very impressed with the level of love, care and handling they do with their birds, and it shows through Kora's personality. We are completely happy and satisfied with the experience and will definitely be back in the future to expand our bird family. What an amazing aviary! Thank you millions!"

Olga T - Los Angeles, CA


"I received two of the most loving, cuddly, adorable and well-behaved baby birds, a Macaw and an African Grey from JC Aviaries. The only way a bird or any living creature could come out like that is if they were surrounded by the most care, love, knowledge, and attention. My babies are fully flighted and harness trained, and were put on the right diet from the start. JC Aviaries are not just some bird breeder who breeds birds for sale and doesn't really care how and where they will end up. I got my birds almost 3 weeks ago and I do speak to JC almost on a daily basis to get some guidance and he calls to check-in. On top of that, JC Aviary is an organization that does great things for the world by breeding some of most rare birds for eventual release into their natural habitat, so their numbers grow." 

Maria D. Guerra . - Arlington, TX


"Right from the start, JC Aviary was super helpful and patient with all my questions. They definitely take the time to explain everything you need to know about your new feathery family member. Thank you so much for helping us find our baby Kiwi." 

Daniela L. - Dallas, TX


"Absolutely loved JC Aviary! Just got my Cinnamon Turquoise Green Cheek conure from here and she is not only gorgeous, but also so sweet. I'm a first-time bird owner so I was nervous about how to care for her, but JC Aviary gave the whole orientation on what to and not to do, and also information geared towards my bird specifically like food and toys she liked. I think that comes to show how involved they are with their birds that they get to know them and are able to tell you about your bird-specific likes. I'm so glad we got our baby girl from here! Thank you for my sweet Bali" 

Fabian L. - Bartlett, IL


"I'm no bird expert but after having some experience with birds as pets, you will not be disappointed in your choice to purchase with JC Aviary. Buying from Joe is nothing like buying from a pet store. Joe is very thorough, takes time to answer your questions. Joe makes it a relatively easy and pleasant process from before you purchase your bird until well after purchase. Birds from big-box pet stores are often not tamed, are not always sure of the gender of the bird or any other health details for that matter. You really don't know what you are buying from a big-box pet store. But with JC Aviary, it's a completely different story! Joe's baby, birds are vet checked, disease checked, DNA tested (if you choose), hand-fed, and hand trained. Best part, you receive documentation of all the info I mentioned above plus more. I've come to learn that every bird's temperament is different and after a long flight, I was sure that it would take the whole day to get my baby sun-conure even out of the shipping crate. WRONG! As soon as I opened the crate he came right out to say "Hi." Another 15-20 minutes later, I was able to command him to "step-up" and he abided by standing right up on my finger. I was stunned! I've been a bird owner for over a year and a half now and I've really struggled to get any of my birds from big-box pet stores to "step up" onto my hands. It was truly a remarkable moment to hold a bird for the first time! I never experienced a bird get so quickly acclimated to his environment. It's obvious that Joe takes the time to really socialize his birds and gives them great love and care. Birds are a large investment financially and a large commitment. Don't make the same mistake I did and buy birds from a large pet store! Buy from a reputable Aviary like JC Aviary! If I buy another bird ever again in the future, it will definitely be from JC Aviary!." 

Jeff Newman


"JC Aviary has gone above and beyond my expectations with my most recent bird for Christmas. Joe actually met us the day after Xmas to deliver my sun conure to the family! We're from San Antonio Texas and won't be going anywhere else to buy a feathered friend! Joe from JC is the most knowledgeable person on birds you have to meet... Please, do yourself a big favor and do business with JC Aviary and you will be most delighted.. This Sun Conure is beyond handfed and actually follows me around the house after just getting her home.. Its a dream! Thanks Joe and God Bless! Love, the Newman family." 

Shannon Santos Feskens


"I absolutely recommend JC Aviary if you are looking for a new feathered forever friend! We had a great experience with the purchase, communication, and delivery of our beautiful blue and gold macaw! It is clear that he spends a huge amount of time socializing and training them from the start. Our Murphy is amazing and we are so grateful to JC Aviary for our boy!" 

Chris T. Canniff


"Absolutely fantastic service. Ellie our Blue and Gold macaw is absolutely beautiful and sweet. She is well trained and adjusted to the entire family immediately. The time and attention that JC Aviary gives their birds are evident. I would not buy from anyone else." 

Joey Montano


"I cannot recommend JCA enough. Our bird is stellar. He’s affectionate, smart, and beautiful. You can tell how much care they put into the animals from the first minute with your new buddy. They genuinely care about their birds and it shows. 10/10 will return if I decide to get a second parrot." 

Stan Garment 


"We had a wonderful transaction with JC Aviary, starting with talking to Joe about the temperament of various Macaws, to closing the deal, then a seamless shipping experience, and (of course) welcoming our healthy, already socialized baby Ruby Gold Macaw into our family. Even after receiving him, Joe was thorough in answering our questions. If you're looking for an ethical avian breeder, we highly recommend JC Aviary!!" 

Muath Mahmoud


"JC is an amazing guy, customer service is also amazing. I highly recommend JC, his birds might be a bit more expensive than other locations, but the tamed and friendly birds he provides saves you time on training your parrot and saves you the time to research and ask what the parrot likes and dislikes. Basically the bird comes with a perfect manual that you would probably never need to do any research on your own to make your bird happy" 

Ian Sherman


"I’ve had a couple of interactions with JC and they have all been great. I called him up after one of my parrotlets was a bit in the foot. I had never done business with JC but I did not know of an Avian vet in the area. He had no problem recommending me to the right vet and now Coco is healthy and happy again.

Our second experience was business. We just wanted to grab some food and toys locally but my wife had other ideas. As an early Xmas present, she had spoken with JC regarding one of his baby blue Indian Ringneck girls. Between the toy selection and new baby adoption JC was very nice and super knowledgeable. Our new girl is very sweet and as healthy as it gets. Thank you, JC for the experience of bringing our first Indian Ringneck into the family. It has been an incredible experience dealing with JC and we highly recommend him and his beautiful well behaved birds" 



"We can't say greater things about our experience with JC Aviary. We had 3 parrots and sought an Indian Ringneck. From answering our consistent barrage of questions to communicating and ultimately delivering one of the sweetest parrots we've seen, we give JC Aviary our highest recommendation. So many details -- not one appears to have been missed -- from listing out exactly the types of foods he likes and dislikes (it's been 100% accurate) to helping to establish a super healthy and happy temperament, JC Aviary exceeded our expectations. We can't sing higher praises. Thanks again, Joe!

Donnie Gibson


"Joe is the best aviaries we have ever found. We bought a blue and gold macaw and she is the sweetest thing ever. She was harnessed trained and vet approved. Joe really cares about all his birds and he is always available to answer all your questions. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing any kind of bird for the first time. He will help you from start to finish."

Peggy L Kelch


"Our sweet baby boy is acclimating so well to being in our home he is starting to find his voice and definitely knows his name he will step up onto our finger and he loves to play with my ear I am so very grateful for him and I thank you guys so much"

Syeda Rahman


"My baby quaker, I bought from another breeder collapsed on 8/05 and I was at my wit's end. I took him to the vet and she gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and antibiotics but didn't really give me instructions on what to feed and how to take care of him. I had seen JCaviary on Instagram and was following him. On impulse, I called JC and he was so helpful and provided me with valuable information on how to take care of my baby. He sent me the link to the baby food formula that he suggested my baby be on for optimizing nutrition. The thing that made me a fan of JC was that I didn't buy my baby from him; I didn't even know him. I was a total annoying stranger, who called him out of the blue, in desperation, and he did everything to help me. I called him numerous times and he picked up my phone every single time and helped me. He is truly an exceptional human and I am sure he raises babies that are a reflection of him. An angel of a human."

Barbara D. Hanks


"My Beautiful Ollie (a Sun Conure) came home with me to Port Neches, Texas last August 2019! He is so sweet & very lovable! Ollie loves cuddling on my shoulder! Joe was very helpful when I was purchasing Ollie! When I got home & had questions, he answered me quickly! In fact, I asked more questions regarding molting & wings being clipped this morning! Joe replied soon after! My bird is healthy & lovable because of how he was treated before I picked him up last year!! I would trust Joe if I purchase another bird! Thank you for my beautiful Ollie He’s perfect for a 71 year old!!"

Annie Beattie


"We couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience with JC Aviary! We bought our African Grey and couldn’t be happier. From placing our deposit through receiving our sweet girl- the communication was great! Any questions we had were answered quickly and our baby couldn’t be sweeter or healthier (even according to our vet). Thank you JC Aviary for the new member of our family!"

Maria Villegas


"Jc Aviary is the best of the best! Our Blue and Gold is the sweetest bird. She is beautiful, healthy And super friendly!"

Bridget Wehde


"My sweet little Olivia came three weeks ago. She was sweet and cuddly from the get go. I couldn’t be more happy! Thank you so much Joe. The process was so incredibly smooth!"

Richard Kelch Jr.


"A little Quaker parrot Beaker he came in on Delta Airlines he is so sweet."

Rebecca Simoni


"JC Aviary did an amazing job raising our baby Galah Cockatoo, Lucy. She is the sweetest most hilarious bird I've ever met. Joe did a fantastic job answering questions, giving advice, and walking us thru the process of getting our baby safely to her new home. We would hands down recommend JC Aviary to everyone! All their hard work and dedication shows in how sweet their birds are."

Emily E. Lobelo - Atlanta, GA


"We are beyond happy with our experience with Joe and JC Aviary. Our baby Indian Ringneck (that we named “Azzurri”) arrived just as planned via airplane in a carefully packed carrier filled with fresh food. It’s obvious she’d been loved and spoiled since birth - also fed fresh healthy pellets and veggies. She’s already a part of our family and is charming, smart and gorgeous. I really appreciated all of Joe’s advice. He clearly cares a great deal for the . So glad we found JC Aviary and went with them over a local pet shop. Hands down a great decision."

PK Lis - Madison, WI


"Joe and his team do great work! They will take good care of you and your bird. My beautiful baby indian ringneck is the most quiet and sweet bird I've ever known. He came to me stepping up like a pro and he loves getting his belly rubbed. They honestly deserve all these raving reviews!"

Melody T. Pouncey - Chandler, AZ


"I just received my new little turquoise clear tail Indian Ringneck. I had been looking since middle of last year. My daughter ran across JC Aviary on social media. I read their reviews, which were great, and to be honest, I was skeptical because their rating was so high . But now, after my experience, I can see why.

I called just to see if he had any last clutch babies or to see what he may expect next year. I knew i wanted something special and my Pepé is certainly something special. He is absolutely gorgeous and SO sweet. It was extremely important to me to have a hand fed and hand tame baby, which is harder to find than you would think. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep babies hand tame like this.

The interaction from start to finish has been great. I was walked through the process of shipping him, what to expect etc. I was giving plenty of time to plan and they made sure to get him used to his travel crate before sending him. I was terrified of shipping to Phoenix because it’s so hot but when I picked him up he was content and didn’t seem distressed at all. The crate was secure and packed with wonderful goodies to make him comfortable! He came with information and all of his medical records.

They called to walk me through how to use the first few days to help my new baby transition to his new home as smoothly as possible. He is already happy and digging Into his food!

I have a beautiful companion that I look forward to spending many happy years with!"

Heather Hofland


"We started out our search for a new birdie companion in our home state of California. Looking specially for a Meyers Parrot. We looked everywhere. We looked at Shelters, Rescues, Sanctuaries, Pet Shops, and Breeders. We found nothing. That is when I started looking outside our state (for someone who could ship) and found JcAviary.

We saw that they bred Meyers Parrots, so I called and spoke to Joe. He told me they didn’t have any, but told me about another special bird they had that was in the same Poicephalus family. We looked at pictures, read all about them on the internet, watched videos, and listened to all the info Joe gave us about these sweet babies he had. That was it! We decided to go for it.

We could not wait to get our baby and with all of the Covid related changes, shipping was not an easy feat. Joe was relentless and found a way to get our baby shipped to us and we could not be happier with this match! Our very own little Rüppell’s Parrot, Rafiki! As sweet as can be from the moment we opened the box. Rafiki has not changed his willingness to learn, his ability to adapt, and his love for cuddles.

It is clear that he was raised with so much love and affection. This is clearly not just the typical temperament of the bird. Seriously, if anyone is in search of a sweet and cuddly bird, look no further than the amazing JcAviary! I’m sure you will find all of the information, testimonials, and most importantly, the best friend you could ever dream of!"

Jenny Shields - Dallas, TX


"Super helpful and knowledgeable about birds and their dietary + activity needs. Friendly birds!"

Lauren Milheiser - Katy, TX


" We absolutely loved working with Joe at JC Aviary! We brought home “Apache” a beautiful blue-throated conure and he has been such a wonderful little addition to our family! Joe went above and beyond providing us with all the paperwork and routines and even favorite snacks specific to our little Apache! All the hard work those guys do over there is even more evident in the animals they produce. Apache is just the sweetest, most affectionate little baby. He has certainly come into his own with the family - we’ve got two young kids running around and cats and dogs! But he fits right in with everyone and even gets excited and “barks” along with the dogs when we return home from somewhere! He is very calm when we take him anywhere and loves car rides! We hope to have Apache around for many, many years to come. Keep doing what y’all are doing!

- The Milheiser’s"

Crystal Vaughn


"Excellent experience! Our sweet Gypsy (Indian ringneck) is doing great just a day after bringing her home! Thank y’all for taking such great care of these sweet babies and providing much needed advice! We look forward to adopting from y’all again."

Danielle Ferguson - Marshallville, OH


"We have had the best experience with JC Aviary! Joe is wonderful to do business with and is extremely knowledgeable. Our African Grey, Rosie, is the sweetest most cuddly bird I have ever owned! You can tell someone put a lot of love and attention into her. This place has A+++ customer service as well. Joe has helped us so much with all of questions and concerns - after sale support is top notch!"

Shelby Torbush


"I purchased my baby female black headed-caique from JC Aviary. I was extremely pleased! They are professional and focused on what is best for the birds they raise and sell. I had my baby shipped to me after she was weaned. She was harness trained and so very sweet. I received several follow up calls and messages about how my baby was doing, which showed me they really care. I will definitely purchase from JC aviary the next time I get a bird."

Leslie R. Blumenfeld


"Absolutely the best!! Please know that when you purchase from JC Aviary, you are getting the sweetest, smartest, and healthiest little feathered friends - in addition to the best service you will ever experience. Health guarantee is provided and sure enough when we took our baby to the vet for her check-up, the vet said she is 100000% healthy & the sweetest bird he’s ever met! ALSO, JC made sure our baby, Tiki, was in caring hands until she was ready to come to her forever home with us in Connecticut. I was so impressed with the attention to detail he had when safely shipping her to us from Texas. He also made sure she had everything she would need, as well as all of her paperwork and toys to help her transition home with the things she was familiar with. We love her and JC Aviary so much! We wouldn’t get a baby from anyone else! Hoping to add to our flock in the near future. Thank you so much, JC! Will definitely do business again!! "

JL Weech


"We recently purchased a beautiful baby Galah from Joe at JC Aviary. Beautiful, healthy, sweet and obviously well loved and social. Not long after, we decided to add a Eclectus to our family. JC’s was the only way to go. We picked him up from the airport and were immediately impressed on how well he traveled and the care that was taken to make sure he traveled safely. He was calm, chatty and eating his gourmet meal the entire ride home. Joe also didn’t rush him out the door. He made sure he was well weaned before sending him home to us. Both babies have been phenomenal additions to our family. Even though we were to far to visit and handle the birds in person before committing, we were confident that we would receive healthy social birds that can be taken out into the world and enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places . All paperwork , health testing and Vet reports were provided without us needing to ask. It’s just part of the service that JC’s provides there clients. Joe is still great at communicating with us when we have questions. Joe and his team really do a great job nurturing and socializing their babies. You can’t go wrong with them. These babies love people and have no worries when we take them to new places. I would recommend JC’s to anyone wanting to add to their flock or getting their first bird. If you have concerns about buying long distance and shipping, don’t let that stop you. You will not be disappointed."

Kristie M. Stuckel


"Highly recommend JC Aviary! We got the most sweetest Solomon Island Eclectus from them. We named our baby Loki. He is so gentle and sweet! We live in Seattle, WA and any “bird people” we spoke to before getting Loki all knew of JCA and spoke well of them! That says something when people across the country know and respect this aviary! Thank you for raising a sweet baby boy for us! He’s just what I wanted and we are so thrilled to add him to our flock. He completes us! "

Ashim Kumar


"Extremely friendly and having a deep insight for every aspects of thir Nutrition, Health, Social Habits and in case of emergency how to go about the whole process without getting picked, Joe is a wonderful Avarian"

Brook Wallingsford - Lexington, TX


"Highly recommend purchasing your baby at JC Aviary. I got my baby (green cheek conure) a few weeks ago and she is an absolute sweetie pie She loves every one and is super smart!!"

Shira Oden


"We got a Sun Conure for my daughter from Joe. Having a bird is new for us. I looked at some stuff online before deciding and we were expecting a loud bird that would take some time to train. Joe really is great with birds. This baby is almost 3 months old and so very sweet. She isn’t loud and was already trained to be handled and social. We have had her for five days and she is starting to say Mama. My daughter was saying that over and over and she started saying it. I think that we got an exceptional bird because of how great Joe is with his birds. I could tell he really cares about his birds. He gave me all the info I would need for the bird including the supplies, how to train, what to feed the bird and things to avoid, etc. I would highly recommend JC Aviary and I will go back if we ever want to add another bird to our family in the future."

Kelsie Mathieu Haynes


"We got our green cheek conure from JC Aviary in March of 2020. I grew up with birds in my parents’ home but have never had one of my own to actually handle, this is my husband’s first experience with a bird. I could not be more impressed with the quality and personality of this animal. She came to us spoiled, and we made sure to keep it that way. She is so loving and affectionate, and incredibly intelligent. It didn’t take her long AT ALL to warm up to us. All in all, I couldn’t imagine a better place to get a forever pet and couldn’t recommend any other aviary. Joe is exceptional in what he does."

DeAnna M.C-Drever


"I am so happy with my new baby he is sooo sweet, thank you so much for a wonderful experience I am looking forward to a lifetime with my luvbug"

Cargan Brown


"I purchased an incredible Rüppell's parrot from JC Aviary. Joe is extremely knowledgeable and will answer all your questions in a timely manner. My bird arrived in perfect health and is so sweet. She is well socialized and friendly to my entire family. She loves to hang out on me and is just pure joy! I am so grateful to have such a spectacular bird and highly recommend JC Aviary. You won’t be disappointed with their professionalism and customer service."

Scott Lewanda


"I have had Sunny the Sun Conure for about a month now. I can safely say that Sunny doesn’t have an agressive feather on his body. This guy is so sweet and playful. The Vet I took him to said he is a fine healthy bird and the breeder did a great job. My last Sun Conure lived with me for 30 years and I am looking forward to the same with Sunny. Thanks for a great bird. JC Aviary is the best for birds


Cathlin W. Gramza


"We got our 3 month old Sun Conure from Joe at JC Aviary. He is the sweetest, most cuddly, healthy bird. He has the best personality! He already knew how to step up when we got him! We could not have asked for a better addition to our family.

Working with Joe to get our Happy home was so easy and seamless. You can tell that all the staff and volunteers put a lot of love and time into caring for their birds. Joe has been so patient and understanding with us as we are nervously learning how to take care of our new baby. He has answered every question we have had. And there has been a lot 😂 I would highly recommend JC Aviary. We are fans for life!

Thank you Joe and everyone at JC Aviary for loving our Happy so well ❤️"

Miranda Cross


"We are thrilled with our new arrival from JC Aviary!! From our first conversation up until we picked her up from the airport, Joe was very professional and everything ran just as he said it would. Our little conure is so precious, we absolutely love her. It is obvious Joe has a passion for what he does, and for that we thank you💗"

Kristin Gripp - Grants Pass, OR


"My baby green cheek conure is healthy (as stated by an avian vet), and super social. He has attached to me quickly and I couldn't be happier with my new little baby. All of this is in thanks to the time and care JC Aviary puts into each and everyone of their babies. Shipping was fast and convenient. I will hope to buy from them again in the future. Thank you so much for giving me the new love of my life."

James & Leah Mosley


"We purchased two female SI Eclectus parrots from JC Aviary. Joe was wonderful in helping us decide which species would be the best addition to our family. He went above and beyond to answer all questions. He is very knowledgeable and personable. He is truly passionate, caring, and trustworthy. Our birds have been home with us for six weeks and we couldn’t be happier with the quality and ongoing support. We highly recommend JC Aviary to anyone looking to purchase a bird. Joe is truly dedicated to these birds and makes sure these birds are well socialized and ready for their forever homes. We can’t give Joe enough praise for his professionalism through this whole process!"

Ashley Kocurek


"I found JC Aviary online when looking for baby sun conures. I’m so glad I chose to buy from Joe! His babies are so sweet and social! You can tell they have been hand raised. He is so knowledgeable about birds. He can tell you everything you need to know about how to care for them. They even come with a health certificate from an exotic vet. His store has everything you need in one spot. He likes getting updates and pictures of his babies which tells me he really loves his babies. If I ever decide to buy another bird to add to the family I will definitely be buying from JC Aviary!"

Dena Elblkasy


"Joe is such an Amazing guy , He has the sweetest birds ever, I bought a sun conure from him as I was a bit nervous about having a bird around my one year old, turned out this beautiful bird was the sweetest most loving bird ever. He warmed up to us pretty quick. We live in Arizona, the shipping was great to, not only that but joe Checks up on him every once in while and always has these helpful tips.

Definitely recommend this place if you want a great and sweet bird."

Bibi Maddox


"So knowledgeable! We absolutely love our newest member - baby Sun conure!

Thanks Joe!"

Satya Morales


"Joe is a very nice and knowledgeable person. I bought my healthy and super spoiled sun conure at his shop and I would do it all over again. This experience was awesome, he really takes care and loves all of the birds as if he is going to keep them forever. He explains everything in detail and follows up to see how our little baby girl is doing. If you are looking for healthy, cute, and tamed bird JC aviary is the place to go!!!! ☺️"

Helen Rivera


"ABSOLUTELY!!! I’ve been following Joe for A LONG TIME. The best experience ever. Quality! Thank you Joe!!!"

Johnna Bahruth


"My daughter’s baby landed at the airport late last night. Our 1st 24 hours..... in complete awe at this precious bird. She is the sweetest baby and loves to be around people. Our whole family already loves her! ❤️ ❤️"

Coco Farmer


"Wow I cannot say enough about how amazing Joe and this fantastic aviary. He was very good about communication, also making sure I had what I needed to be able to properly take care of baby bird. I would recommend him to everybody and anybody."

Brittney Barrera


"Over a year ago I had bought a Solomon island electus from JC Avairy. She arrived safe and has been the sweetest bird. I decided to get a congo african grey from him. He came home over the weekend. He is harness trained by them and he loves his attention and has such a great personality. You can tell the love and time he puts into caring for his birds,he is very knowledgeable about all his birds.He keeps you updated with pictures and videos so you can watch your baby grow, any questions or concerns you have he answers immediately and takes his time to make sure he answered clearly. They also have the option for you to have them train your baby before it arrives home. If you are looking for a bird thats interacted with, handled daily and cared for like their own this is the place to go."

Danielle De Garnica


"Their babies are VERY WELL SOCIALIZED! My birdie arrived in a nicely converted travel carrier complete with 2 custom perches, soft bedding and enough fresh food for her voyage. She’s the sweetest little girl!"

Lori B. - Hollywood, Florida


"Joe is extremely thorough and professional. He ensures that your babies are in top notch condition and are delivered to you in a timely manner. He even does a follow call to see how your babies are adjusting to their new home. Mango and Peaches are a joy to have around! Thank you Joe!

AB & Lori #theBarbers"

Arthur Barber - Miami, Florida


"We would like to thank JC Aviary for our babies Sun Conures..... Joe you have been very professional doing the transition in getting our babies to us. We are so grateful for your advice and also calling to check up on Mango and Peaches...... If you are looking for a bird JC Aviary is the place to go!!!! Blessing ♥️...."

Annamarie F - Jamestown, ND


"Last year around September we got scammed out of a baby Eclectus and 900$, we found JC and were really hesitant but right away it felt so right. Basil my ekkie is the sweetest, he's a pro at stepping up and is harness trained! He is SO socialized and I couldn't ask for a better bird. They were so helpful even though I texted incessantly, he always answered my questions. They sent a ton of pictures and videos and made the whole thing feel personal! Now that I've gotten a bird through them, if I ever want to add to my flock again (which I'm sure I will, we need bird rehab, people!) I will never go anywhere else to get another bird, NEVER! Could not ask for anything better!"

Scott Ainsworth - Simpsonville, SC


"We came across JC after losing our first Macaw. We were hesitant about getting another bird, but knowing that JC took all the necessary steps to have his birds vetted and tested for any possible disease made us feel better. JC was great through the entire process of getting us all the information on what the birds were currently eating, setting up the flight from TX to Atlanta. Her travel crate was exceptionally build for the flight. During our vet check once we got “Izzy” home, the vet stated that she was in excellent health. Can’t thank JC enough for helping us fill the void we had with an outstanding B&G Macaw."

Emanuel Laureano - Davenport, Florida


"I would like to thank JC Aviary for giving me the opportunity to have Niko my B&G Macaw. Great customer service, and most important the highest quality of birds and products. Shipping process was very easy and convenient and of course well constructed shipping crate. I would definitely recommend JC Aviary to anyone who would like to add a bird companion to his family. Thanks!"

Jessica Gilmour - Dover, Indiana


"We recently received our baby Miligold Macaw from JC Aviary. I did lots of research on breeders and Joe by far had the best reviews and healthiest looking babies. Joe kept us updated as she grew. He was very kind and responsive to all questions and helped guide us in the best fit for our family. Our avian vet said she was extremely healthy and her breeder got her off to a wonderful start. We are so happy with our Nova! Thanks JCAviary for our new lifelong companion! We highly recommend!"

Keyll Y. - Minnetonka, MN


"If you're looking to get a parrot, do not look anywhere else! Joe has been nothing short of amazing and helpful. He clearly cares so much for his birds. He's always quick to answer questions and checks in with you after your bird comes home. The fact that they offer shipping is amazing as well! My male Eclectus is so healthy and sweet. Best decision I've ever made. When the time is right I will be buying another bird from JCaviary. Thank you so much for your wonderful business!"

Jose Figueroa


"There’s nothing bad I can say. I wanted a tame loving bird and that’s exactly what I got. By the second day my sun conure Phoenix was playing with me none stop. The animals come in with confidence and is what you always want on a bird. Super happy with JC and I’m so ready for my next additions from you guys."

Carey Smith


"Received my Ringo earlier this week. He arrived happy, healthy & alert and in perfect feather. Went right into his cage and explored all his new toys. We’ve only had him 3 days but he’s already part of the family! Joe was very helpful and sent a ton of information with him. Ringo is already harness trained and was well worth the extra money. You get what you pay for. Yes, JC Aviary is a little more expensive.... but they truly do socialize these babies and send them pre-spoiled and with training started. Highly recommend them and will always refer people to JC Aviary! I’d been watching their pages for almost a year. Kept thinking I could get a bird for cheaper elsewhere... and I could have. But none were the quality of Ringo and none were nearly as social or trained as him at such a young age. 💙💛"

Cassandra Joy


"I have a Blue and Gold from JC aviary. He is the biggest baby and loves to cuddle. You can tell they are very hands on with them from the start. JC Aviary is so helpful and has always responded very fast with any and all questions I have had. I also love the fact they genuinely care about all of there babies and want to stay in touch and know how they are even after the sale. That shows a lot! I am so happy I decided to get my baby blue and gold from JC Aviary’s and would highly recommend them to anyone searching"

Carrie Gibbons - Orange, CA


"I recently purchased a gorgeous , sweet baby milligold macaw this is by far the best place to get a baby from not only is Joe the nicest guy you’ll ever wanna meet he truly puts his heart and soul into these babies it’s shows !! I can’t express how grateful I am I found Jc aviary if I ever get another bird it will be from Jc Aviary cause I know I’m getting a healthy happy bird from the start .. Thank you so much for my beautiful Jade ❤️"

Svjetlana Lana Djuric


"4 days ago I received my BH Caigue. Whole process was super easy and smooth. He was shipped to me to LaGuardia airport. Flipper 🐬(that’s his name) comes as super tame, funny, adorable and entertaining parrot. Loooove everything about him. I also love that they didn’t cut his wings. He loves to fly. To roll on his back and super comfortable with my hands. He is eating all his vegetables and fruits. Curious from day one and exploring his cage while playing with toys. I highly recommend JC aviary. If you have any doubts about shipping and taking risk this is place to go with. Joe is wonderful!!!Still checking on “his” mine now baby and making sure he is in best care possible. I am so happy I find you guys and thank you for raising such great babies. ❤️"

Victoria Chaparro - Long Beach, NY


"Almost 2 months ago I got the sweetest baby double yellow headed amazon. She is doing amazing with stepping up and is super sweet with me and my family. She loves her playtime and when I’m home she would play all day on top of her cage with her toys. She always surprises me on what she learns. She already knows how to say her name Rosie and hello and mommy. I would definitely recommend JC Aviary because you will get a well-tamed and sweet birdie."

Anna Vu - San Antonio, TX


"I would like to thank Joe for always answering any questions we may have, and for raising the sweetest birds! We love our Jolie to bits!"

Tracy Garcia - Perkasie, PA


"I recently purchased a black head Caique from JC Aviary and couldn’t be more pleased with everything. Joe provided us with excellent health documentation on our bird. My Caique is super sweet and well socialized. If you’re looking for a Caique I highly recommend JC Aviary. Thank you so much!!!"

Betty Cooper-Magee


"I picked up my beautiful, perfect black capped Lory today. I was so happy. Joe is amazing. These birds are so well socialized when you pick them up. An exceptional breeder."

Jan Tesch


"I recently adopted my baby African grey from jc aviary. They are super nice, and love their birds very much! You can tell how well they take care of their birds, due to how friendly and lovable my baby grey is. They made the whole process very easy and welcoming for me. They kept me posted on how she was doing while she was still hand feeding, and allowed me to go see her when I was able too. I would def. recommend if you want a parrot of any species, this would be the place to go! Joe is super nicer and so is his helpful staff."

Dinah Lee Anderson


"We got the sweetest, most loving, silly cockatoo from JC Aviary. We highly recommend them! Thank you so much! Gentry is a wonderful addition to our family."

Adrian De Anne


"I've never bought any birds from JC Aviary, but my Indian ringneck were originally bred by them. When I called them with questions, they were very helpful, and I think if I ever get another bird I'll be going through them."

Geoff Weech


"Just got our Rose breasted. Super cuddly sweet bird right from the get go...obviously treated well. We had looked at local stores that had them and they weren't nearly as sociable."

Maura Martin


"We got the sweetest caique a couple weeks ago. Joe did the best job socializing our baby before he came home. He is super tame and sweet. I highly recommend getting your baby harness trained. It is worth every dollar. Joe follows up with your little one later to make sure they are doing well. We had a little scare tonight and thought our little one was hurt. It was after hours and Joe answered the phone and walked me through everything. Our little guy was ok thankfully. I could not ask for a better place to get a bird. If I could give more than five stars I would. A+ aviary ❤️"

Kalen Mills - Fremont, CA


"Joe is a very professional breeder i have delt with three times. i have a brown throat conure from him and 2 sun conures i just got from him. they are all sweet birds. i highly recommend getting birds from him. my baby sun conures i just got from him warmed up to me the first day I got them. they give kisses every time I go to the cage. they get very excited and always wants attention from me. i had to get a second sun conure because the first was so sweet. thank you joe for your excellent service and wonderful birds!!!!"

Madonna Hall


"I have nothing but excellent words to say about JC Aviary. Joe was very prompt to all my questions. My baby Indian Ringneck boy is amazing. He’s absolutely beautiful and stepped up on command from the moment I received him. Shipping was a breeze. He came in an amazing wooden box in which I felt made his travel very comfortable.

He’s very sweet and socialized. I’m very impressed and will be a return customer. Thank you Joe for my sweet baby!"

Sheryl Huett


"African Grey I received is a very sweet and healthy bird, very pleased! You can tell that he was handled with love!"

Stuart T. - Bethesda, MD


"We lost our last Sun Conure to a viral illness, which broke our hearts in pieces. So when we decided to bring another bird into our family we did extensive research before choosing Joe and JC Aviary. I wouldn't get a bird anywhere else! Our new baby Sun Conure is the sweetest, most adorable, most gentle, and healthiest bird we could have imagined. We knew from reading all the bird forums that Joe was the best, but now we know so first hand. I can't say enough about how wonderful Joe is, and how grateful we are -- from the bottom of our hearts -- for his kindness in bringing this new winged joy to our family.

Besides already being tested for the major viral illnesses, the baby is clearly super healthy. It's clear she was raised with loving kindness and extensive knowledge. And super well socialized. She is such a busy bee, so active and playful. Joe has been awesome in every way, always available, and never disturbed by all my texts (some with questions and others with cute photos). I feel like finding Joe was a Godsend! Thank you so much, Joe!! We so very much appreciate what you've given to our family with this baby Sun."

Audrey Bryant


"Joe, thank you for my baby Pablo! He’s such a sweet bird! Everybody needs to know, how knowledgeable you are! And how Beautiful and healthy the baby birds you sell are! My baby was talking in his carrier when I got him and the whole way home!"

Emily Smith


"My bird was given to me as a surprise and I love him so much. My bird is very well behaved, quiet, and very loving; all thanks to how the JC Aviaries team raised him from when he was first born to the day he left the door to go to his new home! I highly recommend JC Aviaries to anyone who is considering on buying a bird. These are

People you can trust, and who you can ask questions that they will not hesitate to answer. These guys are awesome. And so are their birds!"

Brandon Nichols


"My wife and I purchased a violet Indian Ringneck Parakeet and a Miligold macaw from JC Aviary. Both birds have been wonderful and came to us as super sweet and tame babies. The birds were well packed, shipping arrangements were coordinated effectively, and the entire transactions were seamless. We appreciated the time that Joe took to answer all of our questions and concerns. He genuinely cares about the future of the birds and whether they are placed into a good home. Every baby at JC Aviary seems to get loads of care and affection. These affectionate and better socialized animals have a better chance at truly finding their forever homes. I honestly don't know how Joe finds the time to produce so many beautiful animals, provide them with affection, interaction, and socialization, answer everybody's questions, and run an excellent business simultaneously. He's a bit of a super-human in that regard and clearly has excellent time management skills. Thank you, Joe, for the wonderful additions to our family."

Rachel Moynan


"I purchased my alexandrine/Indian ringneck hybrid from JC Aviary. The process was so easy and Joe kept me updated all along the way. I even received some photo and video updates of my baby while she was still being hand fed and weaned. Shipping was a breeze and Nugget is now happily adjusting to her new home in Ohio. Even her new vet commented on how healthy and well behaved she was. Any future birdy family members will definitely be purchased from JC Aviary."

Mi S.


"Joe is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He took over his fathers store, so basically he has been in the business almost his whole life.

He loves what he does and it shows. He wasn't bothered by the constant texts or phone calls. That made me so much more comfortable buying a hand fed African Congo Grey from him .

He helps in the decision of making sure if the bird your wanting is a good fit for you and your lifestyle. He is extremely well versed on knowing every trait and behaviors of all his parrots.

I was able to pick which baby out of the clutch I wanted. I was able to go visit my baby anytime I wanted.

His prices are very reasonable, not high enough in my opinion, for all the work, love and individual attention he gives the baby parrots.

I have never met a breeder with so much passion he gives to all the parrots under his care. His knowledge surpassed my own, and I had an African Grey for 36 years, as well as an Amazon for over 20 years.

If your in the market for a lifetime soulmate, a parrot, Joe is the only breeder I would ever recommend to anyone!

His parrots are taught basic commands like step up, and come, (your parrot will fly to you).

He also offers harness training for a small additional fee. A must have when taking your baby on outdoor adventures with you.

Thank you again Joe for this life changing experience!"

Tenny Wammel


"Joe at JC Aviary was absolutely amazing, through my multiple phone calls and 3 visits to see and meet his birds. He was so patient with my crazy 5 and 6 year old girls and so patient with us, especially me, as a first time bird parent! I am so in love with Groot, our fabulous Congo African Grey. He is so sweet and amazing. I'd definitely recommend JC Aviary to others. Along with buying Groot we also purchased our cage and a manzanita stand from Joe for a very reasonable price! My husband is already looking at our potential future Umbrella Cockatoo Haha!"

Krystal McGuire


"Amazing to work with! Sweet, sweet babies!

They keep you updated with photos, and Videos. They will also check in after baby is home to make sure they are doing great.

100% recommend them to anyone looking for a bird."

Anthony Chapa


"Our 2 babies Altaria (Blue with a little turquoise Indian Ringneck ) and Calpurnia (High red pineapple conure) both we’re raised at JC Aviary. They have already become integral parts of our family life, and I truly feel blessed and privileged to have such sweet, beautiful avian children. JC is very experienced and has offered great help throughout the process."

JoAnn Wilber


"I recently purchased a baby Indian Ringneck from Joe. It is the sweetest, most gentle bird! Joe takes special care and spends considerable time making sure the birds are acclimated to a home environment before you get them. I will always buy my birds from JC Aviary from now on!"

Hannah Quigley


"Recently got my baby GreenWing macaw from Joe (JC Aviary). The whole thing went very smoothly and he was great at working with me on arranging shipping. The crate he was shipped in was spacious and very well built. My baby, Alexander, was well taken care of. You can tell how much time and effort Joe puts into his babies. Very well socialized, desensitized, and even readily accepts a harness! Very, very cuddly and sweet. Joe has also kept in touch after receiving my baby and happily answered all the questions I had. Couldn't be happier with the experience. The next baby we get will certainly be from JC Aviary!

Thank you so much! We love him with all our heart."

Raymond White


"We bought two wonderful birds from JC Aviary and we couldn’t be happier! They are good people and very knowledgeable! We will be buying from them again!"

Vanessa Sandlin


"I highly recommend JC Aviary. Joe will answer any question you have and is super knowledgeable! I purchased my forever bird Pip, a Sun Conure a couple of weeks ago. When I got there we spent time with her, he didn’t rush us out the door. What really made my heart smile, is that he prepared a take home cage for us! I will definitely recommend JC Aviary to everyone I know!"

Lynn Murray


"This outfit is nothing less than the best there is.. I got immediate attention and follow up on my two BHC babies (brothers). I love them immensely."

Erick Roquel


"I recently got a sun conure from JC Aviary. Best decision ever! The little baby is so sweet and very healthy. I highly recommend adopting any bird here. They definitely know what they are doing! 👍🏼"

Cristin Berry


"I got my beautiful sulphur crested cockatoo from JC Aviary. I constantly get complements on how absolutely sweet and well behaved she is. she LOVES people. she will step up for anyone and let them hold and kiss her. this was from the first hour I got her. She has never bitten me! i got her in october and have yet to get a cockatoo bite. My sweet girl will close her beak around my finger to let me know she isnt a fan but she doesnt break skin. Be gentle with these babies raised in this aviary and ur beautiful new family member wont bite u either. I am beyond thrilled!"

Elizabeth Pearish


"I just purchased a blue ring neck from them. Such amazing people. They worked with me on the shipping/pick up day because I live 2 hours from the closest airport. Love love love my new baby. He is so sweet and very healthy. I will definitely be coming back if we get anymore birds.⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️."

Meegan R. Bullock - Texas City, TX


"JC Aviary is simply the best there is. I did allot of research before committing to this Aviary. I was looking for a conure, and the customer reviews were 100% accurate. Joe is an amazing young man who has dedicated himself to these feathered babies. He does his very best and it shows. His babies are well socialized, sweet and are on the proper diet. He goes out of his way to make sure they and you are being taken care of, going the extra mile to help you be one of the lucky ones to be able to provide a forever home for his special babies. Joe, thank you for giving me the opportunity to have my Turquoise and Cinnamon Green cheek conure, Hazel! Anyone who is looking around for an amazing Aviary, you might as well just stop looking for you've found the epitome of what all Aviaries strive to be. Joe's babies are worth every penny."

Lisa K. Rana


"I have purchased all my bird babies from Joe. I highly recommend him !!! No one better. He provides you with details on the birds including their likes dislikes and health records. He is always available for any questions I had. He is extremely knowledgeable. Not only all of this but his birds are simply the sweetest birds!! I can’t say enough about what a positive experience I have had and I thank Joe for adding my birds to my life they give me such joy on a daily basis. Thanks again Joe. Highly recommend I would give you 10 stars if I could."

Rebecca J. Salinas - Deer Park, TX


"From the moment we decided to bring a bird into our home — we did so much research, we visited local to us breeders in the Houston, TX area. Searched online for breeders and I stumbled across JC Aviary through an Instagram search and was so amazed by all the rave reviews Joe has on all his social platforms. From the moment we decided which bird was for us Joe was incredibly helpful, kind and patient. Our Turquoise Green Cheek Conure Margaux is the sweetest little birb around - I think her loveable demeanor shows just how much Joe loves his birds and cares for them. When we choose to add a second bird to our family JC Aviary will definitely be our go to breeder. Thanks JC Aviary for taking such good care of your birds — we love Margaux so much. Bringing her home was like finding a missing piece to our lives - it was as though she always belonged here. ❤️❤️❤️"

Mandy Kiseil


"We absolutely recommend JC Aviary! We are first time bird owners and have been very impressed with Joe and his beautiful birds. Our Sun Conure is the sweetest little guy with a well adjusted temperament. Joe is the most helpful person who truly loves birds. We are so thankful for Joe and his fabulous aviary! Highly recommend!!!"

Stacie Koleski - McLoud, OK


"I highly recommended JC aviary!! They are absolutely wonderful and they have the sweetest babies. 😊 I picked up my baby sun conure Saturday and he couldn’t be anymore sweet and perfect for our little family. Thank you so much Joe for everything! Especially answering all my crazy text and calls. Lol"

Nadine Pascuzzi - New Richland, MN


"I would absolutely recommend Jc Aviary I just received my baby sun conure on Thursday and (maui) is the sweetest most loving bird I have ever met, he loves my kids and loves having his belly rubbed so thank you so much joe for being so helpful and answering my questions and giving me tips. You are the best !!!!!!!"

Becca Stephens - Austin, TX


"We picked up our baby male Eclectus Parrot on March 9. After a rather disastrous experience with a breeder in Florida we were thrilled to discover JC Aviary. Joe and his team answered all our questions and were clearly very passionate about the birds they raise. They were incredibly patient with us and answered every question we had as first time bird owners! Not only did they help us pick the right bird, they also walked us through appropriate cage size and what food we should feed our boy and how to care for him from day one. Not only that, Joe even put up with me texting him question after question after we picked him up and continued to provide us guidance and support! The babies are all very well socialized and our boy was friendly from day 1. We ended up purchasing a play stand and cage from them, both of which are top quality and have proven to be the perfect fits! JC Aviary is quite simply as good as it gets and the only breeder you should consider working with. These guys are THE best!!!"

Heidi Anne


"I got both of my birds from JC Aviary. They are the sweetest!! I recommend them 100%!! Fantastic customer service! 🤗"

Ariel Ham - Richmond, VA


"We recently got a female SI Eclectus baby from JC Aviary. Joe was WONDERFUL to work with. He sent regular updates about our baby girl until she was ready to come to us, answered questions promptly, and gave helpful responses with links and useful information. You can tell he really cares about the birds and helped with the transition home by making phone calls and sending emails to check on her and see if we had any questions. Our little Lulu is the sweetest girl. She loves to be out with us and will even curl up and cuddle with you for a while. She is gentle and interacts well with our three sons (who range in age from 10-15yo) and their friends when they are over. I have nothing but good things to say about JC Aviary and would definitely recommend them."

Erin Dowd - Bay City, MI


"My mom recently got a bird. Wonderful bird. JC Aviary lived up to all expectations and she would highly recommend them. Very nice."

Khatera Ibrahimi - Washington, District of Columbia


"Our New Baby Conure is the Sweetest! I couldn't ask for a better one! Totally Recommend!!! 😊❤️"

Sarah Hopkins - Fort Gordon, GA


"I got my red lory from JC and had him shipped to atlanta georgia. My lory came wanting attention is sweet, and so much more. I could not be happier!!! I highly recommend them <3"

Misty West Agnew - Hutto, TX


"Where to even start to tell you how amazing JC Aviary is. I did quite a bit of research before we decided who to buy from. We bought an Eclectus male from Joe and have had him for almost 3 weeks now. While we were waiting for our sweet boy to be weaned, he would send us videos of him once or twice a week. Now that we have him he has been available to answer any questions we have had, and I’ve had several. He harness trained him and had him so gentle once we got him and explained everything we needed to know about his food. I just can’t say enough about the customer service and what incredible birds they raise. Thank you Joe for being here for us, your amazing."

Paula G. Drye - Tallahassee, FL


"We live in a smaller city and had the hardest time finding a Conure. We currently have a Green Cheek Conure and started thinking about getting him a friend. One day I was trying to look for conures in our area online when I saw this page and that they offered shipping. I was skeptical at first because I was nervous about a bird being shipped on a plane to us. However once we put down our deposit, JC aviary would give us updates on our baby and they were very detailed with information and the pickup process at the airport was so easy! We prefer them more than the local breeder that we previously used. The baby came with full vet papers, a list of all of its favorite foods and is VERY sweet and social. It was already taught basic skills like how to step up on your finger before he came home. We will definitely be using JC Aviary the next time we decide to add a new feathered family member to our home <3"

Melissa Babb - Bonney Lake, WA


"JC Aviary made our daughters dream of owning a parrot come true. We went to many parrot places and haven’t found a bird as sweet as our new baby Senegal, even from those that claim the hand raise birds. The time and attention that is shown to their birds shows in the temperament of the birds. I was nervous ordering online and could’ve gotten a Senegal parrot for cheaper but the sweetness of our baby was well worth the wait. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a bird now."

Karen Elizabeth


"I got my Congo African Grey from JC Aviary back in sept 2018. The process went very smoothly, they are great breeders! They updated me routinely with photos and videos on Instagram so the wait for him to be weaned didn’t feel so long. He was shipped and arrived safely within a few hours. My baby was very well socialized and friendly when he arrived. I was very impressed. I’ve recommended them to a lot of people!"

Kurt B - Chicago, IL


"So I just want to express my gratitude for Joe! He has really helped us secure a bird that we've been searching for, actually we didn't think it could ever happen over years of discouraging OTHER BREEDERS WHO HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY PULLED THREW. Bottom line this gentleman has made it very possible as it can be! If the birds we want don't have babies this year he has even said he would reach out to help us connect with one and raise it as if it was his own. No matter what happens this happens to be one of the best and nicest breeders we've come across and even though the bird we want isn't here yet we are finally excited as it will eventually happen. If anyone is not sure who to go threw MR. JOE C. IS IT! He will not lie and we really are impressed with him as our next breeder. Thanks for the encouraging emails we have exchanged so much. This aviary is one of a kind and being in aviculture for years I can honestly say he's the best person I've met when it comes to information and responses even though we haven't put our deposit down yet! (We have to wait til he has hatchlings and a way to make sure we get what we want but patience is a virtue. Thanks joe and we look so forward to giving one more great review once we get our baby from him. Words cannot express. No matter the species I say go with joe for a happy and healthy well raised animal! We are over the moon. Thanks so much!

S. And K!"

Kristen E - Covington, LA


"My main issue when looking for a breeder was there were tons of scammers out there! JC Aviary is most definitely a legitimate business if that is anyone's concern! I would highly recommend them and if I were to ever purchase another parrot it would be from them. Joe answered all of my questions I had so quickly via email. They updated me with pictures of my baby all throughout the time while waiting! They truly care for their birds which is something I value a lot!"

Ellen Ritter - Fort Collins, CO


"We purchased a Sunburst Sun Conure from JC Aviary last May. I wanted to wait a while before reviewing because I was a little skeptical of how wonderful our girl is. The customer service we received was fantastic throughout the buying process, they sent us updates on our baby as she grew up and kept in regular contact. When she arrived she was incredible. We have had conures before but none had ever arrived so well socialized. From the moment we opened her shipping container she was friendly and inquisitive. You can tell she was well loved and handled while she was growing up. No doubt, it was worth waiting and paying a fraction more to get a bird who is a member of the family the minute she arrived."

Nelda Macias - Houston, TX


"I purchased an albino Indian Ringneck, Nimbus, from JC Aviary almost 3 years ago, and I could not be more happy with her. She is the sweetest thing, and I love her. They are great, and very helpful! I highly recommend JC Aviary!"

Gwynevere Tomlin - Denver, CO


"I purchased a green cheek conure from jc aviary in march 2017. This bird is the heartiest bird I've ever had, and rolls with the punches. He's ridiculously healthy (still), and i wouldn't hesitate to buy from here again. Im going overseas and fully intend on getting another bird from here when I get back. Great birds. I couldn't be happier."

Olivia Mayor Earle - Los Angeles, CA


"He is the best! He responds on time and his parrots are healthy and happy. Great communication to ensure everything is right from start to finish and afterwards. Very nice person too."

Joann Swygert White - Acworth, GA


"I have waited years to get our African Grey. During that time, I’ve interviewed breeders, talked to owners and read as much as I could about CAGs. The time came to find a breeder to get our bird. After getting other recommendations about JC Aviary, I called Joe to discuss his birds. He answered all of my questions via phone calls and emails. When it came time to make the transaction and ship Skipper to Atlanta, all went seamlessly! Skipper is now almost 5 months old and is so sweet and smart. He has learned several tricks and is beginning to talk. I’m very appreciative of Joe and his staff for providing such a healthy, happy bird!"

Jullian Savoy


"Absolutely LOVE JCAviary! It’s taken me a few weeks to post a review because we’ve been too busy hanging out with our new baby Eclectus named Cherry! We had such a wonderful experience from the very beginning with Joe; he emails you back super quickly, answers every one of your questions with ease and with an abundance of knowledge and experience. His pricing is absolutely in line with these specialty birds and the quality of care his bird babies receive is noticeable from the beginning. We received not just pictures, but several videos of our new Ekkie, which is awesome. You’re able to see your baby bird up close and personal and hear their cute noises before they even arrive! Speaking of arrival, Joe provides everything you need for their flight and the bird carrier they arrive in is one of the best I’ve seen and is chock full of veggies and seeds for your bird. You also receive a special hatch day certificate and pages of information about your bird. Thank you so much to Joe for staying in touch with us after our Ekkie arrived, continuing to answer our questions and for the level of care and compassion you have shown your birds!! It’s absolutely noticeable and means the world to bird owners like me. I HIGHLY recommend JCAviary if you want to add a new baby birdie to your family. Cheers from Boston!"

Connie Carter Hayley - Texas City, TX


"I would recommend JC Aviary because, even before I bought my female Eclectus from them, they answered all my questions and concerns that I had. They were so open about process and making me feel confident in purchasing her. After I put my deposit down, I received photos and updates until she was old enough to bring home. Eight months later and we are still in contact with updates on my Lucy and they are still answering my questions! They care that the birds stay healthy and the owners stay happy. If you were thinking about adding one of these babies to your family this is definitely the place that you want to get them from. I’ve never been a bird owner, but, with their help, things are going very well!"

Hannah Marie - Hooksett, New Hampshire


"I chose JC Aviary because of the website. All information was right up front, including prices. Prices are good compared to other aviarys I could find. They even shipped to me, which is amazing! The only thing that originally concerned me was after I made my down payment for my Eclectus Parrot, I asked for pictures of her. They told me they would send them. They never did. I reminded them, asking for pictures again. They said they would send them, never did. They directed me to a video of an Eclectus already on their page and said that one was my bird, but they still never took pictures of the bird I made a down payment on, and they never sent them to me directly. Other than that one concern, they were great. They let me split the bill so it could go half credit, half debit (which I sincerely appreciate). They showed me the foods I needed, and were great about answering questions. Overall, I would recommend you choose JC Aviary. Joe is a great person, very knowledgeable! Attached are pictures of my beautiful baby!"

Heidi Fortner - Colorado Springs, CO


"My experience has been so awesome!!! JC Aviary is Very highly recommended!!!! Joe is amazing to work with and very professional!!! I just purchased my first Caique and have named her Skittles, since she is just all over the place!!! She eats out of my hand and is so cuddly!!!! # 1 to a great business!!!! Lots of hard work and devotion to all of the babies!!!! Also I live in Colorado and Joe arranged the flight on Delta and put her in a very nice carrier to keep my baby safe during the ride to her new home!"

Alyssa Christine


"I purchased two Caique babies, a white bellied and a black headed, Thelma and Louise, respectively. They were shipped quickly (within days) and in the most amazing crate I have seen. It truly shows the care and expertise Joe has. The box was designed so well as to have a compartment to hold paperwork and a bag of food. They had a nice absorbent bedding to keep them clean and comfortable during the flight. I know I’m going on and on about this but it truly impressed me from the get go. We got home and the babies were calm and stepped up, ate, drank and started playing with each other right away. They took to my 5 year old daughter immediately which was such a joy to see. They have clearly been well cared for, socialized, and loved. They also came with a packet of paperwork for their vet checks, DNA and hatch certificates. I received recommended foods and care was taken to highlight their favorites.

I’ve had birds, dogs and snakes shipped to me on 8 occasions and JC Aviary absolutely takes the cake! Believe me, if I had a complaint I have no issue voicing it. If you’re considering purchasing a bird, especially if you need shipping, I highly recommend JC Aviary. You will receive a well socialized and healthy bird."

Kendra Franklin - Lubbock, TX


"Hello guys! We just picked up our first bird baby today and couldn’t be more happy with Joe and his beautiful birds! Had a great experience and will definitely continue to use JC Aviaries for future purchases. Thanks Joe!"

Miranda Franklin


"We just got are beautiful baby and couldn’t be happier!! Joe was absolutely amazing!! Thanks again, The Franklin’s."

Precious Farmer


"We highly recommend JC Aviary to anyone who wants to add a feathered friend to their family. We recently got our B&G macaw and the process was soooo smooth! Joe always answered our questions and gave us updates. Thank you Joe! We will definitely get another baby from JC Aviary in the future!."

Robin Garrison Hedberg - Grand Rapids, MI


"We have our wonderful baby Timneh grey home . Joe was great to work with.

Always got right back to answer my questions. I highly recommend purchasing your

baby from him. I was worried about flying him to us but it went unbelievably well."

Mike Mason


"We purchased a baby female double yellow head C.J. (Calamity Jane) from JC Aviary. WOW, the entire experience far exceeded our expectations. From the initial inquiry, to the purchase, shipping of our girl, to the follow up care, Joe is there every step of the way. He’s too provided follow up regarding questions that we had. That’s just the Aviary part. C.J. arrived feather perfect and I could immediately tell she’d been well socialized. She is gentle, trusting, her demeanor and personality far exceeded expectations! What an awesome specimen and addition to our family! Thanks so much Joe Coman! 👍😃"

Katherine Smith - Richmond, VA


"JC Aviary did an excellent job in raising their babies, supporting and communicating with the buyers, such care in shipping and followup. The babies are raised expertly and lovingly and I am so very, very happy Highly recommend JC Aviary."

Lori Spinks


"Great! We got our White Belly Caique from JC Aviary. Healthy happy birdie. She was vet checked, came with some food, hatch date certificate, DNA results, and a list of favorite fresh foods. We traveled roughly 300 miles to pick her up and she even came with a travel cage! We were prepared with a cage but she was already set up in a travel cage and ready to go. Joe was very helpful during the whole process and kept in communication with us."

Kiersten Weaver - Killeen, TX


"We had a great experience with JC Aviary. He has answered any questions we had and kept in good contact. Our sweet boy is so adorable and has been an awesome addition to our family! Thank you so much!"

Patty Lieburn


"Wonderful professionals here at JC AVIARY! They do health testing and all their birds are extensively handled as you can tell as they are so Sweet and Calm! AND BEAUTIFUL!!! I am just super impressed with the High Red Pineapple GCC I received from JC AVIARY! Would definitely purchase from them again."

Christina Simmons


"Joe at JC Aviary is phenomenal! From start to finish, he made himself readily accessible to me for the millions of inquiries/questions I had.

Izzy (Blue & Gold Macaw) is a wonderful addition to our family! We just got her yesterday and we absolutely love her! We had a great experience.

Thank you Joe!"

Sherri Werner


"We ordered a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure from Joe. She came from Texas to Greenville SC. The transaction was WONDERFUL. He answered every question and then some before I bought her. And he picked her out for me from a clutch. She was 100% tame. And SWEET as can be from day one. She is healthy and absolutely gorgeous. We could not be any happier with JC Aviary. Such a pleasure, and so easy to do business with. Needless to say you can not go wrong buying a bird from Joe. "

Ali A. ALmahdi - Cleveland, OH


"Hello everyone. I would like to formally thank JC aviary for giving me the opportunity to add a new baby macaw to my house. I was looking for a specific baby hybrid and they did keep me updated the moment the baby was born. They are very professional aviary and provided me with all paperwork. They will answer any questions you have very fast.While they were still raising the baby, the vet checked on the baby a few times to make sure everything looks great. I have big birds experience and I really can tell they provide their birds an excellent diet and this is very important to have a healthy baby birds. My (yellow-dominant) Camelot macaw was shipped all the way from Texas to Ohio safely. I am looking forward to add more birds and Joe is someone you can trust."

Dejae Starkey - Evansville, IN


"The absolute best experience from beginning to end. We re-homed a beautifully baby Blue and Gold Macaw and he has been nothing shy of perfect will recommend time and time again!"

Holly Jenkins - Evansville, IN


"Overall had a wonderful experience working with Joe. He answered any and all questions I had within a timely manner, and seems very knowledgeable about these wonderful birds.

The crate our baby came in (he was shipped to us) was very durable, had bedding in it as well as plenty of food for his trip. He came right out when my boyfriend and I opened it up, and immediately was all over us. He’s so sweet and always wants attention!

I’m definitely considering future purchases from JC Aviary, and would highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a feathered friend!"

Danielle De Garnica - El Paso, Texas


"I just started the process of adopting a baby Yellow Nape Amazon. Joe is extremely patient with me and my bazillion questions & emails . His rapid response time is greatly appreciated and shows a very caring attitude.

I look forward to the next steps in what should be a great experience with JC Aviary."